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First Post & Steam Greenlight

So I've finally, after months of slugging it out on Grand Lukto, got a shiny new website, for the few people who did happen to pass by, we are so very sorry you had to see the old one and hope recovery is swift.

For those interested, we hope to keep an active blog with our latest developer news, announcements and other bits and bobs, starting with our passing through Steam Greenlight across Christmas! We underestimated how much work it would take to hit greenlight properly, even missed multiple launch dates but in the end the effort and polish paid off with us passing in 3 days, looking back at the whole process and leading up to it, I'd say the only thing I'd change is the time we started marketing, I'm a broken record saying this on twitter but start throwing out WIPs at the start of your projects!

What are we doing now we've gone through Greenlight? We are hammering all our time toward fleshing out Grand Lukto, pushing this originally simple mechanic as far as we can, hopefully you will all love this unusual little game as much as we do! We are also about to announce a new 3D title and our partnership with Sunroof on the said title, excited is an understatement!

If you made it this far through the post, thank you for taking the time to read it and if you'd like to see even more up to date bits and bobs, we are always hovering around on Twitter, @Gamkat & @tomtusk. Cheers everyone!